Amersham takes over USB - Canadian price for Sequenase soars

the End jgraham at
Tue Jul 27 20:13:04 EST 1993

Indeed, we have a thermophile here that produced a nice batch of Taq
and released it to the department saving us all about half the 
cost and paying off his own efforts. This single large scale prep has held 
out for about a year and I would imagine it will last a while longer.

Its about time we see scientists take matters back into their own hands.

Its refreshing to see this newsgroup play an important role, rather 
than merely being a forum for young researchers to debate the merits
of the different commercial kits which are quickly taking the place
of the standard (but less commerically profitable) techniques that
have built this science.

Hats off to you,

J. Graham
Biology and Chemistry Departments
Indiana University Bloomington

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