RNAase and PCR

Tue Jul 27 19:58:20 EST 1993

Dear Petur,

DNAse-free RNAse ideally should not interfere with your PCR. But
I would recommend not adding it at all if you're simply doing conventional
PCR. Crude cell lysates in fact work well for a number of cases.
Well, just a thought...how about trying a lysate of your tissue
specimen? Simply mince the tissue in TE and aliquot this for PCR. You
may have to check optimal [Mg++], however, if you decide to try this

R. P. Scott
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> From:	IN%"<@CGNET.COM:php at rhi.hi.is>"  "php"    28-JUL-1993 07:39
> 	I have been isolating DNA for PCR but now I would like to use
> an RNAse to do its thing on my samples. What I was wondering about was
> wheter there would be any problems with just putting the RNAse on my
> previous isolated DNA-samples for ~30 min and THEN just put the DNA in
> the PCR? I dont see any problems with that but I have seen protocoles
> where you where supposed to mix the RNAse in before the
> phenolextraction. If you see any complications to this picture could
> you please email me as fast/soon as possible since I am on my way
> to try this out (sic).
> 	Petur Henry Petersen, Deptm.Biology, U.Iceland

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