Amersham takes over USB - Canadian price for Sequenase soars

Tue Jul 27 09:17:12 EST 1993

Dear molecular researchers:
        I can see now that some Canadians who care about their research did
not like the new price of sequenase from Amersham.  Well, probably, you can
not change the practice of a company.  My boss, James D. Friesen talked to
two people from Amershaw for more a hour and asked them not to increase
their price. I think that there is only one way to stop their price
increase.  That is one of us make the enzyme.  There should be no problem
as long as you do not sell the enzyme.  You might ask who will make the
enzyme.  Our institute in Hospital for Sick Children does.   If you could
get a sequenase clone and mail it to us, you can enjoy free sequenase for
your life time.  We have been using home-made-Taq and we saved a lot of
money (not like some body thought-just a few bucks).
        If you find a good plasmid, contact Dr. James D. Friesen, Director
or the Research Institute, or me by e-mail. 

        Jim Hu, Ph. D
        Research Institute
        Hospital for Sick Children
        Toronto, The Best Place in the universe     

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