DynaZyme DNA polymerase [Re: Tth file]

rhubner at molbiol.ox.ac.uk rhubner at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jul 26 16:23:33 EST 1993

Hi everybody,
 I want to correct several points in file send out by Mike Gaunt (he left for
hollydays I think...)
 "DynaZyme" is a thermostable polymerase from Thermus brockianus and
produced by Finnzymes Oy. It is NOT a mix! The ratios referred to the product
yield commonly obtained with the three enzymes, "DynaZyme" yielding about
5x as much as Taq...It is said to be 2x more accurate than Taq (however, Taq   
given with an error rate of about 140 x 10exp-4). 
 Finnzymes Oy are based at Espoo (Finland), beside the Uk distributor the stuff 
can be obtained from e.g. EUROGENTECH SA                      
                          B-4000 Liege (Sart-Tilman) 
                    also  GIBCO-BRL Canadian Life Sciences 
and surely other places.
 Hope this is useful,

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