2x vector plasmid

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In article <1993Jul26.055236.8763 at abo.fi> JANIEMI at FINABO.ABO.FI (Jarmo Niemi) writes:
>In <2C5041E9 at adminbldg.lan1.umanitoba.ca> GIETZ at bldghsc.lan1.umanitoba.ca writes:
>> I know for a fact that I have run across (years ago) a copy of pBR322 
>> that is a dimer!

> Long inverted repeats are not stable in E. coli. This has been used to
> construct positive selection vectors, see for instance Kieser & Melton,
> Gene 65 (1988) 83-91. A whole plasmid ligated "head to head" probably
> qualifies for a very long repeat...

I once cloned a DNA fragment between two copies of a pUC vector. I only
realized it when the vector digest band looked twice as bright as the
insert band. After this, I tested the MIC of all the clones and found
I could eliminate the doublet types by patching onto media containing
high levels of carbenicillin. Those that grow at high level are avoided.

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