RNA interference with PCR

Paul N Hengen pnh at fcs260c2.ncifcrf.gov
Tue Jul 27 10:27:51 EST 1993

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 barta001 at STAFF.TC.UMN.EDU ("Terese M Barta-1") writes:

> A while ago, I posted a message asking for information about whether RNA
> in a bacterial DNA sample would interfere with PCR.  Some people said it
> was not likely; other people provided me with references and experiences
> that indicated that it did. I decided it didn't hurt to try RNasing my sample.
> After I RNased the sample, my PCR reactions started working (same reagents
> and everything-just different sample). While some might argue that it was
> just luck (I did not include a non-RNAsed sample for comparison because I
> was running out of DNA) I think this result supports the idea that a large
> amount of RNA in a sample interferes with DNA-based PCR.

Why don't you then try the obvious experiment of using another purified DNA
sample and add increasing amounts of RNA. Include controls of the same ones
with added RNAse. Other people would be very interested in seeing the result
and you could get a publication out of it.

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