Phycocyanin or Phycobilin determination

Frank Richardson indotec!frichard at
Wed Jul 28 09:23:08 EST 1993

Hi netters,
	Does anyone know a good method for phycobilin or phycocyanin 
	The one I know is the Siegelmen and Kycia method (1979) used as
cyanobacteria indicator:

Take a bottom water sample and centrifuge it for 15 min. to separate the cells.
The pellet (?) will be rinsed twice with distilled water. the the rinsed 
pellet 10 ml of EDTA (0.001 molar) and 1 ml of albumin (lisozime) will be
added and mixed well, and the sample allowed to stand 10 to 15 min.
After that time the mixture will be ground to assure cell disruption. 
The mixture will be then centrifuged for 15 min. Readings at 562, 615 
and 652 nm will be taken from the supernatant. The concentration 
will be determined by the Siegelman and Kycia formula.

Let's say I don't want to use bottom samples but surface water instead.
what modifications should I use?
any comments on this or any other method?


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