RNasing minilysates

William R. Morgan wmorgan at ACS.WOOSTER.EDU
Wed Jul 28 15:30:39 EST 1993

In an apparently truncated letter, beatriz at pine.circa.ufl.edu writes:
>When I do my minilysates I usually digest with about 2 ul of 20 mg/ml of RNase
>H after the enzyme restriction digestion. The problem I've had is that if I'm
>not careful and pipet more than 4 ul or so, my samples don't even get into 
>the gel (0.8% agarose-TAE). I get these huge aggregates that stay in the
>wells. It is so annoying lately I just run my gel and then RNase the whole
>gel, but this takes much longer and the bands from the inserts are usually
>somewhat diffuse. Has anyone see


I usually add RNAse to a concentration of ~20 micrograms/ ml before I set
up my restriction digests, so that the RNA is degraded during the ensuing
restriction digest.  It works fine.

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