Formation of plasmid oligomers

Martin Kennedy mkennedy at
Wed Jul 28 22:06:59 EST 1993

For those of you still wondering about formation of plasmid dimers, here are
some early references:

Hobom and Hogness (1974)	 J.Mol.Biol. 88, 65-87
Bedbrook and Ausubel (1976)	 Cell 9, 707-716
Potter and Dressler (1977)  	 PNAS 74, 4168-4172

In a nutshell, these papers demonstrated that oligomeric molecules comprised of
tandem repeats of a monomer plasmid can arise by recA dependent recombination
events.  When the different forms were isolated and transformed back into recA-
strains, the multimers retained their initial conformation.  Monomeric forms
transformed into recA- strains don't generate oligomeric forms.  I guess what
I'm trying to say is that this phenomenon has been around so long just about
everyone has forgotten about it, hence the confusion when someone "rediscovers"
plasmid dimers!!



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