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ottcr at esvx17.es.dupont.com ottcr at esvx17.es.dupont.com
Thu Jul 29 15:03:37 EST 1993

In message <ID - ogrady.743467097 at sun.bdc.ubc.ca>, Randy Mottus was 
inquiring about making "P1 phage libraries of several insect pest 
In response - DuPont-NEN Research Products sells a P1 kit.
Its catalog number is : NEP-113  for the complete kit
                        NEP-113C for the 'cloning components only' kit
                        NEP-113P for the 'packaging components only' kit
                        NEP-113V for the positive selection vector 
                                         ( pAd10SacB11 )
This answers the initial question.  If you have further questions 
give me a call at 1-800-772-2636 - ask for Charly.
Otherwise you can always E-Mail me at - ottcr at esvx17.es.dupont.com
Best Regards, Charly.

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