nitro-cellulose - baking without a vacuum?

Thu Jul 29 07:45:29 EST 1993

Regarding the baking of nitrocellulose:

We have routinely baked our nitrocellulose membranes in a 80 C oven
*without* a vacuum and they work fine.  We have not tried this with RNA
but the vacuum is not crucial.  We do cross link the DNA to nitrocellulose
after 30 min. of baking, but the blots have worked without it (crosslinking
probably would help if you wanted to reprobe several times).  We use a
Stratagene stratalinker for the cross linking (UV), but other UV sources
are fine if you have them available (old UV light box, but you will need to
play around with the UV dose/exposure)

David Rand,   drand at

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