nitro-cellulose - baking without a vacuum?

David Johnstondaj daj at
Thu Jul 29 06:00:54 EST 1993

On Thu, 29 Jul 1993 04:25:04 GMT,
  Mr P.C. Ferrett writes:

>I would like to bake DNA and RNA fragments onto nitro-cellulose
>paper.  However, I do not have ready access to a vacuum oven. 
>Does anyone know what purpose the vacuum serves i.e. is it
>possible to bake the NC paper in a normal oven?  If this is
>not possible, does anyone know of any alternatives to baking
>DNA or RNA onto NC paper (I prefer to use NC rather than
>nylon for the particular task I am doning). 
As I understood it, you need to bake to bind the DNA to the NC but that NC 
can "explode" if heated in air, hence the vacuum. We don't have a vacuum 
oven either, we put them in our gel drier and it works fine!

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