nitro-cellulose - baking without a vacuum?

Ed Rybicki ED at
Thu Jul 29 04:50:45 EST 1993

> I would like to bake DNA and RNA fragments onto nitro-cellulose
> paper.  However, I do not have ready access to a vacuum oven.
> Does anyone know what purpose the vacuum serves i.e. is it
> possible to bake the NC paper in a normal oven?  If this is
> not possible, does anyone know of any alternatives to baking
> DNA or RNA onto NC paper (I prefer to use NC rather than
> nylon for the particular task I am doning).

If you bake below 80deg C you can get away without using a vacuum (I am
told) - however, I know people who have been UV x-linking NA to NC for
some time with no mishap.  It may not work as well as it does on nylon,
but it does work - AS LONG AS THE MEMB IS KEPT DAMP, because does burn
rather well, after all (aka gun cotton, and used as a propellant in naval
shells in WWI).

SO: Bake at 60degC for 2 hr or 80degC for 10 min, or UV x-link - but
remember that there is no guarantee AND IT MAY BE DANGEROUS!!!!

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