Eukaryotic MAL, GST expression

Michael G. Kurilla mgk2r at Virginia.EDU
Thu Jul 29 10:19:48 EST 1993

Would anyone have information about the expression of the
commonly used prokaryotic expression fusion proteins, MAL and
GST in eukaryotic cells.  We are attempting to produce T7
inducible vaccinia virus expression systems with fusion
capability.  So far the MAL expresses nicely, but affinity for
the amylose resin is poor.  We are trying to remove a potential
source of intracellular maltose (from degraded glycogen?) by
preabsorption with hydroxyapatite, but don't know the outcome
yet.  Any information on post translational processing that may
render the proteins nonfunctional would be helpful.

Mike Kurilla
University of Virginia
mgk2r at

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