Phycocyanin or Phycobilin determination

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>	Does anyone know a good method for phycobilin or phycocyanin
>	The one I know is the Siegelmen and Kycia method (1979) used as
>cyanobacteria indicator:
>Let's say I don't want to use bottom samples but surface water instead.
>what modifications should I use?

Be sure that the samples you remove are of the upper layer.
>any comments on this or any other method?
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The last lab I worked at used phycob or c as a measurement for cell concentr-
tion. It works nicely, but you shouldn't forget that after breaking the cells,
or treating them with lysozime/EDTA, you should sample and add cold aceton to
a final 80% concentration. This will get the blues out of the cells.
Good luck,

Sagi Cooper
(now at) ncology Dept. Hadassah-Hebrew U of Jerusalem University

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