nitro-cellulose - baking without a vacuum?

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Thu Jul 29 21:29:23 EST 1993

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bit deleted

: prevent the NC from oxidizing, becoming brittle, charring or bursting
: into flames.  In fact I have used NC filters without baking but that had
: been left for a several days and had dried out very thoroughly. 

: I don't think you can UV irradiate NC since I guess there is a fire
: hazard but I haven't actually tried this (although it is stated in
: several text books.

What I meant to imply I realize looking back after posting article was
that it probably is not a good idea to use UV on NC since there is a
fire hazard. (It is stated as a fire hazard in several texts)
If anyone immediately rushed out and tried UV irradiation I'd like to
know the result.  (Keep in mind that NC is chemically related to gun
cotton.   :-)

: Hope this helps.

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