Inquiry re: Usage of brilliant Cresyl Blue to Stain Agarose Gels

Timothy Chipman 901106c at
Thu Jul 29 14:57:44 EST 1993

After posting many inquiries, I have been given a technique,
as well as the reference source (TIG) for "A novel stain for DNA In
Agarose Gels" That uses a solution of Brilliant Cresyl blue, followed
by some rinses in alcohol soln's.

I am curious: Has anyone else tried this method? To what degree
of success? Upon reading the paper, I noted that one detail that some
people had neglected to mention is that in order to make a paper
"Blot", one makes use of a large centrifuge. Any comments? Can you blot
without using the 'fuge? Also, is it vital that one uses the paper as
specified in the paper? Has anyone had success with other blotting papers 
that are more easily acquired?

Also: this may sound innane, but ah well. I have on hand a bottle of
"Brillinat Cresyl Blue" stain, which I snaffled from the micro lab
down the hall. However, no one there (nor myself) knows to what
concentration it is mixed. Is there some standard to which these
things are usually done? Is there some way I could determine
what conc. I have, so I can accurately mix up a 0.04% solution
of dye as required by this stain protocol? ie: Spectrophotometry
possibly..? I suppose that would require some kind soul to measure 
a know conc. and give that info to me..

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it!


Tim Chipman
901106c at

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