Microscopy slides for projection?

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> Can anyone tell me a supplier of glass slides whose size and thickness are
> suitable for projection through a regular 35 millimeter slide projector?  Our
> histology laboratory used to stock this item, which is used to make what
> we call "whole mounts" of paraffin-embedded, stained tissues.  Our supplier no
> long sells such slides.  Where can we buy these 2 by 2 inch 
> slides now?  Thanks.
> Gregg Wells
> Department of Pathology
> University of Pennsylvania
> Philadelphia, PA  
> email:  pathology at a1.mscf.upenn.edu 

Below are the responses to my question.  Photography stores should be able to 
supply these products.  

Gregg Wells
Department of Pathology
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA  19104
email:  pathology at a1.mscf.upenn.edu


Subject: RE: Microscopy slides for projection?
I _think_ this is what you want.

Emde Products Inc., Torrance CA 90505
  Emde ultrathin 2x2 aluminum slide binders with 35 mm foil masks
(The glass is included in the package, even though not in the name).
I got them from a local photosupply special-order.  (I think Emde only
sells wholesale.)  If your local photo supplier cannot order 'em, e-mail
me or write and I will get ordering info for you.

Jim Hutchins                    []     E-Mail: jbh at anat.umsmed.edu
Asst Prof of Anatomy            []     Asst Prof of Neurology
Univ Mississippi Med Ctr        []     Jackson, MS

Subject: RE: Microscopy slides for projection?
you could try the agfa 35 mm slide jackets.  these are made of glass, and are
the holders for 35 mm slide film, you just cut them up and put them in the
holders, i used them or putting sections and small mini gels (pharmacia phast
gels).  they are perfect.  they are double, very thin glass sandwich type,

best of luck
Rod Bonfiglioli, Waite Agricultural Research Institute,
University of Adelaide, South Australia.
e-mail rbonfigl at waite.adelaide.edu.au

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