Cardboard Autorad cassettes

Robert Preston rapr at MED.PITT.EDU
Fri Jul 30 15:24:52 EST 1993

Graham Atherton wrote:
> Quite recently someone mentioned that cardboard cassettes (sold by Kodak)
> are good for autorad exposures at -80 degrees C. We currently have a
> cassette crisis in the lab and have little money-these cassettes cost out
> at approx 3.50 sterling each. They would be ideal if screen/blot/film
> contact is good. Could whoever mentioned their use reiterate how they
> use them?
We routinely used the cardboard cassettes in Elizabeth Jones' lab for
32P northerns and Southerns.  The blots go in, cellophane-taped to card-
board backing (not corrugated, just thin cardboard) and covered with
plastic-wrap (Saran or such); add a piece of 8x10 XAR film, then an 8x10
intensifier sheet (Dupont Cronex); fold the 8x10 flap over the Cronex, then
the narrower side flaps, then the main cover.  Sandwich the cardboard
cassette between two sheets of 1/4" x 8" x 10" plywood and clamp with four
binder clamps (or do we call these "gel-pouring-clamps" ? ;-), one on each
side.  Expose at -80C.  Transient condensation when warming up doesn't
bother the holders (since the wood insulates and slows the warm-up, there's
actually not much condensation compared to using metal cassettes).  Fast-
track lab people took the cold films direct to developer with no warm-up,
others let the things warm up first, either way seemed to work fine.

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