Carbenicillin summary

James Gibbs gibbs at
Fri Jul 30 13:37:04 EST 1993

Just yesterday I posted a question as to the use of carbenicillin as a
replacement for ampicillin in bacterial plates. I've already received
about a dozen e-mail replies, so I decided to post a summary. If you're
just dying to tell me your variation, I'd be happy to read your e-mail. :)

Suppliers: Sigma and USB. The sigma product dissolves clear and the USB
product is less soluble, but allegedly more stable. Much more expensive
than ampicillin ($49.70/G Sigma).

Stock: 300mg/ml in water or 50% ethanol, frozen in 1ml aliquots at -20C.

Concentration in plates: 100ug/ml in most cases, but one person said 50
and another said 200 for higher copy plasmids, less for low copy plasmids. 

Stability: Most people run out by 2-3 weeks, but one said he used
two-month-old plates with no problem. Another said several months. No one
could confirm any increased temperature stability over amp.

Misc: Several prople told me that carbenicillin results in fewer satellite
colonies than ampicillin, but no one knew why.

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