Cardboard Autorad cassettes

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> Graham Atherton wrote:
> > 
> > Quite recently someone mentioned that cardboard cassettes (sold by
> Kodak)

> > are good for autorad exposures at -80 degrees C. 
> We routinely used the cardboard cassettes in Elizabeth Jones' lab for
> 32P northerns and Southerns.  
> Sandwich the cardboard cassette between two sheets of 1/4" x 8" x 10"
> plywood and clamp with four
> binder clamps (or do we call these "gel-pouring-clamps" ? ;-), one on
> each side.  
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We use the cardboard holders regularly but use 1/4" lucite which I have  
obtained from local plastic supplier. We got enough sheets for about 10  
holders, 20 sheets - front and back, for ~$30.(US). These sorts of sizes  
are considered "waste" pieces and they usually throw them in a box for  
folks to browse through. Look in your local yellow pages under plastic and  
call and ask about scrap pieces.
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