Cardboard Autorad cassettes

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In article <1993Jul30.151329.26721 at> GRGGTA at PATERSON.CHRISTIE-HOSPITAL.MANCHESTER.AC.UK writes:
>Quite recently someone mentioned that cardboard cassettes (sold by Kodak)
>are good for autorad exposures at -80 degrees C. We currently have a
>cassette crisis in the lab and have little money-these cassettes cost out
>at approx 3.50 sterling each. They would be ideal if screen/blot/film
>contact is good. Could whoever mentioned their use reiterate how they
>use them?
>Graham Atherton - Thanks

If it's of any possible worth to anyone, we obtain ALL our cassettes and
intensifying screens from the several hospitals in our fair city.

About 12 years ago an enterptising post doc took to checking out the
numerous X-ray labs and gfound that they DISCARDED their METAL cassettes,
citing that they were "worn out" ... thus began our collection to date of
at least a thousand metal cassettes, many with very good intensifying screens
and vast majority with light tight closure ... we've saved perhaps as much
as $250,000 Cdn for many labs. ... worth a go? ... many screens
were unused and of very sensitive type ... due to modernization of several
X-ray labs (replacing standard X-ray film & cassettes with reuseable
fluorescent tablets & cassettes, with images digitized, etc by computer
(pretty nifty new pricy $$ toys).

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