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In article <gibbs.743969830 at>, gibbs at (James Gibbs) writes:
>Could someone tell me the following about carbenicillin as a selective
>agent in bacterial plates and media?
>- What concentration do I use?
>- How long do plates last for?
>- Is it more heat-stable than ampicillin?
>- Is there anything else relevant I should know?
>I've been using amp, but I heard carbenicillin lasts longer.
>gibbs at

Carbenicillin does last longer than amp, but it also is much more expensive.
concentration is about the same as Amp, although you can get away with less
since it hangs around longer. So 25-50 ug/ml probably ok in rich plates, may
depend on which strain you use. Higher will not hurt.
Plates easily last many weeks, if not longer.

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