Amersham takes over USB - Canadian price for Sequenase so

Dr. Duncan Clark Duncan at
Fri Jul 30 14:18:17 EST 1993

>I don't think the patent covers Taq polymerase itself or its preparation.
> I think the patent covers using it (and perhaps other DNA polymerases)
>for PCR.  Thus, BRL and other vendors of Taq polymerase have to specify
>that they are selling it for some other purpose than PCR, like,
>sequencing.  Check their catalogs.  They state that purchase of their Taq
>polymerase is not a license to use it for PCR.
>Jim Owens
There are different patents ie one for PCR and one for the cloning, expression
and subsequent purification process. In Europe only the first patent has been
granted. The second is still being processed.

What I would like to know is does the current US patent (No 2) cover just 
Thermus aquaticus strain YT1 or all Thermus strains. Anyone know?

Duncan Clark

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