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Tue Jun 1 05:07:23 EST 1993

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> Dear Immunologists or anyone else for that matter,

> I have a very quick two part question, that I would be very happy if someone
> could give me some advice on.

> What is the average size of a linear epitope that is recognized by a monoclonal
> Ab, and secondly, is an epitope size of 10 amino acids typically unheard of?

> Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

> Cheers
> botdjl at lure.latrobe.edu.au

	Usually, the peptides recognized are 6-10 residues. You can look, for
exemple, Van Regenmortel, Immunol. Today, vol.10, 8,pp266-272. You can also
read one of the last article from Regenmortel's lab : Zeder-Lutz et al.,
1993,Molecular Immunol., vol30,2,pp145-155. You will find a lot of 
references within and the article is very interesting also if you want to
know more about interaction between a mAb and a peptide.

	Hope it will help

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