phagemids vs plasmids

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Wed Jun 2 12:37:16 EST 1993

Hello netters:

I recently received a cDNA clone that is inserted in a phagemid
vector.  Can the phagemid be grown, amplified and isolated using
the same methods used for plasmid isolation?  I am currently
isolating my plasmids using a CsCl/ultracentrifuging method but
am not too sure if this will work for a phagemid.  Also,  are
there any good references on phagemids?  the only thing I have
read is the short blurb in the Maniatis volumes, but this does
not have very much on the methods.

Thanks very much,

Richard Isbrucker			e-mail:  ISBRUCK at AC.DAL.CA
Dalhousie University,			Tel:     (902) 494-2571
Dept of Pharmacology

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