Information about pBIN19

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Wed Jun 2 07:09:26 EST 1993

Last week, I sent a message to this newsgroup asking for information about
the sequence of pBIN19. I have received some interesting answers that I
summarize for general knowledge,

-Nobody seems to know the complete sequence of this vector and there are
not detailed restriction maps available.

-pBIN19 has several important problems as a plant transformation vector:
it contains a defective nptII gene, so you tend to get multiple insertions, and
the nptII gene is next to the right border, so if your gene is in anyway
harmful it will be lost and only the nptII gene will be transferred.

Consequently, I have decided looking for other vectors and discarting pBIN19.
I hope this will be useful to other people.

Joaquin Royo
Plant Cell Biology Research Centre
University of Melbourne

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