Problems with Promega Taq

Andre Hamel hamel at
Thu Jun 3 12:26:40 EST 1993

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>> Have you tried Deep Vent exo- from New England Biolabs?

>I've tried side by side tests with NEB's Vent (neither Deep nor
>Exo-) and it seems that for my setup, Taq makes a lot more
>product than Vent.

But this comparison would be "more valid" if Taq were compared with the
exo- versions of the Vent "family" (V and DV) ... Vent gives poor yields,
DV even worse, whereas Vexo- and DVexo- give at least as good as Taq (in
most cases better, although I never "properly" calibrated, just "eye ball"
based on band intensities ... Taq requires MORE enzyme (usually at least a
unit per 100 uL rx'n), whereas Vexo- and DVexo- work great at lower
enzyme conc. (0.2 to 0.5 units/100 uL rx'n) ... factor this with the unit
cost ... one is less apt to feel like a "hostage" of a company that
appears unwilling to further broaden their product lines for the
betterment of researchers, not JUST corporate "bottom line" ... 

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