Xpress system - enterokinase and antibodies

SCHULZ ansgar.schulz at medizin.uni-ulm.de
Thu Jun 3 09:12:15 EST 1993

Hy Baculo-Users,
we have some troubles with the Xpress System, delivered by 
Invitrogen. The system is based on the expression of 
fusion proteins containing an enterokinase cleavage site
for "easy identification of the recombinant proteins" (Invitrogen).
Unfortunately, neither the enterokinase nor the Anti-XpressI antibody
ar available yet (in Germanyy at least). Who can help?
By the way, does anybody know whether there exists an antibody 
against polyhistidine (metal binding) domains?

Ansgar Schulz
Section of Molecular Biology
Department of Pediatrics II
Ulm / Germany

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