serum replacements

Frederick Garbrecht fgarbrec at POST.ITS.MCW.EDU
Thu Jun 3 18:03:22 EST 1993

We routinely freeze cells in 10%DMSO - 90%FCS, and have NOT been
successful in freezing hybridoma cells that have been adapted to serum
free conditions.  We have recently embarked on further efforts to do this
by investigating alternative freezing media.  I have seen some articles (I
forget where) suggesting use of glycerol or glycerol/DMSO combinations as
cryoprotectants for cell lines that are otherwise difficult to freeze.  We
have tried to freeze 3 or 4 different serum-free adapted hybrids, all with
the same crummy results.  Good luck, hope your luck is better than ours.

Fred Garbrecht
Medical College of Wisconsin
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On 3 Jun 1993, AMRUT S BHOGLE wrote:

> Date: 3 Jun 93 17:12:19 GMT
> To: methods-and-reagents at
> Subject: serum replacements
> Dear Readers,
> 	I have been trying to adapt a chicken lymphoblastoid cell-line
> to serum-free conditions.  I have been trying to freeze cells for posterity
> and have failed miserably in trying to get the cells back to serum-free
> cell-culture medium.  I have been using 10% DMSO and 30% foetal bovine serum 
> as my freezing solution.  I would appreciate if you would send me recommendations
> on freezing cells that have adapted to serum-free conditions.
> 	Thanking you
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> Amrut
> Paige Laboratory
> Department of Veterinary and Animal Science
> University of Massachusetts
> Amherst, MA 01003

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