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>Dear Netters:
>A query: we have pulled a cDNA from testis which contains an ORF for
>a sperm antigen.  However we have found a curious(?) poly-T tract 
>inframe with the start of the first ATG.  The poly-T tract isapprox
>a 30mer.  
>Question: does anyone know the significance of the seq prior to the 
>first start codon and how common(?) is such a seq in the apparently
>non coding region adjacent to a complete ORF.
>Any comments would be most welcome
>Mark Bradley
>Div Wildlife & Ecology
>Email: mpb at

Dig up articles by Marilyn Kozak ... "Kozak's rules" about what start
codon sequences are in right "context" are a standard in this field.

Sorry, I've none of these articles on hand (I'm at home ... articles are
in lab).

regards, Andre
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