Gene Delivery - Asialoglycoproteins in Colon?

steven joseph chmura sjchmura at
Thu Jun 3 15:00:33 EST 1993

A while back I received e-mail from some very genrous person who informed me
that these receptors (asialoglycoprotiens) had been found in the colon.

I am trying to transfect a tumor supressing gene  in-vivo and nd well...
my transfection rates suck.  The best I can get is probably 1% or so
using lipofectin (I have talked to the company so many times they know me)

Based on some aricles (Jof Biol Chem 1991) the hepatocyte transfection using
these receptors looks much better (it is stable and easy).

Any info on these receptros in colon would be helpful.  I have done as search
but the CD's here arte only updated through March :(  Damn the UofC :)

Thanks a lot in advance...

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