Problems with Promega Taq

Jack Kramer kramer at
Fri Jun 4 13:00:00 EST 1993

In article <121481 at> pfoster at (Patricia Foster) writes:
>Hi Netters,
> A few weeks ago, robert at (Robert Coelen)
>>A friend of mine in the next building suspects the storage buffer
>>of a batch of Taq from Promega is faulty: The lot number is 28330A
>>and the expiry is 02/95. Has anyone else experienced any problems
>>with this ?

I had similar problems with the Promega Taq with <Promega's 10X 
buffer.  The Cetus Taq had similar problems in the same buffer.
Switching to the Cetus buffer cured the problem.  With this buffer,
or modifications of it which <i make up myself now, I get identical
results with either Taq.  Try Promega Taq in storage buffer B and make
up your own reaction buffers - saves bundles of money!

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