Vent polymerase for PCR

Fri Jun 4 14:20:00 EST 1993

Reading so many good things about the Vent polymerase family,
I am wondering whether Vent (or Vexo, DVexo) actually
nibbles the ends of the PCR product.
This could be a problem if, for example, restriction
sites are built into the oligos.
Andre, what do you think about this? Which Vent
would be the best buy, if fidelity is not too important,
or, fidelity, and mainly intact ends are required?
I there a "learning curve" using Vent, as we've found with Pfu?
Would somebody have more comment on the "template specificity"
of Vent ( Is it related to GC richness or something like that?
Zoltan Penzes
Inst. for Animal Health
Compton, UK

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