Vent polymerase for PCR

Patricia Foster pfoster at
Fri Jun 4 18:53:45 EST 1993

Zoltan Penzes (PENZES at IRAD.AFRC.AC.UK) wrote:
: Reading so many good things about the Vent polymerase family,
: I am wondering whether Vent (or Vexo, DVexo) actually
: nibbles the ends of the PCR product.
  I plan to summarize what I have learned about Promega Taq soon,
but I do like Vent.  Exo+ will nibble ends, but this can be solved
by keeping the dNTPs high (400uM).  No problem so far with exo-

: I there a "learning curve" using Vent, as we've found with Pfu?

  Yep.  Playing around with the Mg concentrations helps.
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Boston University School of Medicine
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