Drying Nitrocellulose Blots??

mic255z at vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au mic255z at vaxc.cc.monash.edu.au
Fri Jun 4 06:58:52 EST 1993

I have gone down the road of blocking and storing my Western blots at -20oC,
but due to sheer laziness, I eventually found that storing them unblocked at
room temperature worked just as well.  After blotting, I remove the
nitrocellulose from the sandwich, cut it into panels if necessary and lay it
flat on some aluminium foil and fold the foil over to keep the dust off.  That
goes into the back of my cupboard until I need to immunostain a strip.  I use
horse radish peroxidase conjugated second antibody, so I can't comment about
alk. phos. conjugates, but I have used blots that have been stored for over 12
months.  The results have been as good as with the "fresh" blot.  I don't know
if this is antigen-specific, but I routinely do this with whole cell lysates of
clones expressing various proteins and outer membrane fractions without

Helen Jost
Monash University


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