Problems with Promega Taq

Dr. Duncan Clark Duncan at
Sat Jun 5 10:06:47 EST 1993

>>  So far, no response on the Net.  So I would like to reinstate a
>> similar query.  I am having trouble with Promega's Taq lot number
>> 287503, expiry date 1/95.  I bought it at a discount through Fisher.
>> Anybody else having problems?  This is not a trivial matter as I
>> bought a large amount, costing $800, and can't complain to Promega
>> for the obvious reason.
On a general note about taq pol. Is there any hassle in the USA from PE if you
buy non-PE Taq? What is the going price for Taq and are companies being stopped
from selling by the patents. 

The reason I ask is that I am a one-man company producing RE's and modifying 
enzymes (including taq pol) but I currently only supply the large international
companies and leave them to have the retail agro. with PE. Here in Europe
(especially UK) the PE enzyme patent hasn't yet been granted so some companies are quite open about
selling cloned Taq or TTh etc. I'm too small to risk a run in with PE etc.

Regarding 10x buffers, what do people use?
Dr. Duncan Clark
Duncan at

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