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>I have a stech of DNA I have been trying to sequence but I am encountering
>difficulties.  I think this is due to secondary structure present in the
>single strand DNA.  I have tried sequenceing with ITP but with no luck. 
>Does anyone out there have a protocol for sequencing with Taq polymerase or
>someother high temp stable enzyme.  I think If I did the reactions at a
>high temp this might solve my problem.

You might also consider doing your extension reactions in the presence of
single-strand DNA binding protein. If you're cycle sequencing, you might
find the following paper useful:

AUTHOR = "Q. Chou",
TITLE = "Minimizing deletion mutagenesis artifact during Taq DNA
polymerase PCR by E.coli SSB",
JOURNAL = "Nucleic Acids Research",
YEAR = "1992",
VOLUME = "20",
PAGES = "4371"}

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