Storage of RNA

Peter Kristensen ptk at
Sat Jun 5 19:19:32 EST 1993

Hi Netters.

I posted a similar question a few days ago, but I am not quit sure that my
posting were send correctly, therefore I will try again.

My problem is that I am doing RT-PCR for quantitation of mRNA. The system 
uses a standard RNA, that is made by in vitro transcription. This standard is
added to the samples in "known" amounts.
The problem is that I am not sure that the standard RNA is stable when stored
at -20 C in formamide. The reason could be that it is keept in a very diluted
form (200 pg/ul). I have felt that this would be the best way to store it since
this allows me to thaw the same standard, thereby increasing the chance of
adding the same amounts of standard to all samples. 
But now it seems that I have lost my standard, that is I still add the same
amounts to my RT-PCR but no longer getting the expected product.

Any comments and suggestions on how to store my RNA so that I can keep a 
reliable pool of standard RNA to add.

Peter Kristensen
Aarhus University
Dept. of Chemistry
Div. of Biostructural Chemistry

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