Mutant Screening Pros&Cons

nickerson at nickerson at
Sun Jun 6 15:33:14 EST 1993

	I would appreciate any quick comments/ideas anyone may have on the 
relative merits of the available techniques for screening potential mutants 
(double mismatch) of M13 inserts.  I am currently screening by sequencing but 
am aware that this is not the only option available.  I am particulary 
interested in the possibility of screening by PCR.
	If this question is of sufficient interest to the net and has not been 
beaten to death already I will summarize.  I realise it may be of a very basic 
nature to some (I consider myself a beginner), but we will be screening many 
mutants shortly and sequencing has proven to be rather laborious.

							Darren Nickerson
						Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
							Oxford, U.K

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