Hybaid thermal cycler

wetsel_r at msdisk.wustl.edu wetsel_r at msdisk.wustl.edu
Sun Jun 6 18:53:39 EST 1993

Hmmm..  well I think I can offer one opinion.  We bought one and were initally
"in love" with it.  We bought it with the satalite, that is - we had a total
of three blocks, one with the controller and CPU and the other two in a
second (attached) satalite unit.  This machine worked like a charm for the lab
because up to 3 users could do reactions at the same time.  Then came block #2
We got a new satalite for that.  Then a few months later, it is as though
block #2 (again) went off "tube control" onto block control and sensitive
PCR reactions stopped working as annealing temperatures were never really
reached (2-3 above what was programmed) - we got another satalite for that.
Now we have the second problem again - for the third time we have to call
Hybaid ($%&@# Again!).  When it works - it's great - but this reoccuring
problem has brought us down to two blocks.  We're about ready to trade it in
on something else...

haviland at kids.wustl.edu

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