Spin columns - revisited

Ed Rybicki ED at micro.uct.ac.za
Mon Jun 7 02:25:11 EST 1993

> We are looking for recipies for making one's own spin columns.  ANY recipies
> would be appreciated.  We need to spin our DNA after Taq cycle sequencing
> for the autosequencer to remove all the dye-terminators.  Normally, we use
> the BMB G-50's but we need to streamline the "cost of materials" use and
> the spin columns are one place to do that.

0.5 ml Sephadex G-50, preswollen in appropriate buffer, in a small
Eppendorf-type vial with hole in bottom, plugged with glass wool.  Spin in
variable speed centrifuge, not faster than a couple x 10exp3 rpm, inside
larger Eppi with lid cut off.  Work every time.

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