Windows DotPlot

Ramin Charles Nakisaramin r.nakisa at
Mon Jun 7 10:05:12 EST 1993

> It's here, it's ACE, (it's free), it's DOTPLOT for Windows!

WinDot seems popular, but several have had probs finding the 
file.  Here are the addresses and directories of kosher windot files, which 
I have checked by ftping them and using pkunzip -t.

Name                 IP Number     Directory
~~~~                 ~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~    /pub/gene-server/dos/ /Incoming/   /incoming/

If you're going to get the program from seqnet (s-ind2...) then don't get 
the program in the /dos directory because the zip file is corrupted.  The 
uncorrupted version is the the /incoming directory and has length 83,248 
bytes rather than 82,920 bytes.

Someone has been abusing Uncle Dan's /incoming directory, so now it's write-
only.  And Uncle Don's got a separate copy of the Windows version of 
readseq which now spanks under Windows because I compiled it with the 
Microsoft QuickWin library.  The file is /Incoming/, but if you 
get a copy of it's in there too.
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