Calling Spain!

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Mon Jun 7 17:51:34 EST 1993

>In article <1993Jun7.165801.14337 at> Chris_Jones at writes:
>>Hi Netters!
>>I don't know if anyone can help me but I have to travel to Spain
>>soon (Seville actually) to fetch some samples and I would very much
>>like to get access to some liquid nitrogen for freezing them (probably
>>a bit of dry ice for transport too. As I don't have any colleagues in
>>this part of the world are there any people out there who could help
>>me or, perhaps, have any contacts I might try? I would, of course, be
>>prepared to reimburse for any costs involved (and probably a bottle
>>of duty free too).....
>>                                      Thanks in advance
>>                                       Chris Jones
>Be careful of the dry ice. If you are flying, beware of being stopped for 
>carrying it. It is classed as hazardous by all airlines.

Not entirely true.  Declare it.  If you don't exceed 5 kilos of dry ice
most airlines will allow it to go into the hold but check with the
particular airline first.  I recently returned with such a package from
Germany to Sydney (LuftHansa) then Canberra (Domestic).  5K will keep
things frozen at least 2 days.  (I also had a box full of 8 live knockout
mice but not frozen of course).

Cheers, Klaus

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