Cloning and purity of DNA

Tue Jun 8 01:02:00 EST 1993

>After trying DNA fingerprinting on my Bumblebees without any variation
>at all (with 4 probes) I'm now planning to develop microsatellite markers
>instead. Since I have never cloned DNA I have some questions:
>1. How clean does my bumblebee DNA need to bee? In prior experiments I have
>   used Phenol/Chloroform extraction (one extraction with warm Phenol) and
>   then I have reprecipitated my DNA once. Is this enough?
Probably enough.  What you need is to do an enzyme digestion.  If the digestion
is complete, go ahead to do your cloning.
>2. I am planning to use Boehringers pUC Cloning kit. Comments?
pUC vectors such as pUC18/19 are pretty easy to use.  You don't even have to
buy a kit.  You can buy your vector and enzymes seperately and make up your
own buffer.  It works as well or maybe better.
>3. Do someone out there have any tips and hints that may be of use to me?
Since this is your first time, try the double enzyme (e.g. EcoR1 - HindIII)
cloning.  The effeciency is usually high and you don't have to use X-gal if you
don't like it.
Hope this can be a help.  Good luck.
Jianchi Chen
Food Research Institute
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706
jchen at
>Thanks in advance.
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