Storage of RNA

Tue Jun 8 13:31:00 EST 1993

Just an additional comment on RNA storage!
    I agree with Ola Myklebost.  You really don't need to worry about
freezing and thawing too much.  I have isolated polyA+ mRNA and used it many
times (over 12X), freezing and thawing each time.  There was NO noticable
change in northern analysis or invitro translation capabilities. 
 I think a problem 
can arise if your RNA is not pure enough to begin with!  If there are
RNAses (cellular, not environmental) left in your prep at each thaw 
they are allowed do their job! Store your RNA samples dissolved in 
DEPC treated water at -40 to -80 depending on your capabilities.  I like to 
dissolve my polyA+ mRNA at between 0.25 and 1 ug/ul.  
Dan G.

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