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>>Subject: autorad cassettes
>>What is the situation regarding autoradiograph cassettes.  I have only
>>used the (very) expensive light sealed cassettes such as that from Fuji
>>but I believe that there are alternatives were you might buy the
>>intensifier screens and a carboard "sleeve" which is light sealed.
>>These can then be exposed at -80C.
>>Is this procedure used regularly by some groups and if so any
>>suggestions about suppliers and or sources of screens and "sleeves"
>>would be helpful.
>Kodak make cardboard cassettes - you can order them from Sigma.  They are
>OUTRAGEOUSLY priced (-: some $10 - $20 each depending on size :-).  I've
>used them for years - use glass/wood and bulldog clips to clamp the cassette
>closed with good sample-film pressure.
>  Cassettes will last for years under frequent -80C use and they NEVER leak
>light (unlike ageing metal cassettes).  The outsides can get a bit soggy
>on thawing out, and they last better if you let them dry properly.
>Overall, highly recommended.
Bel-Art Products makes a cassette bag that covers the metal cassettes and
prevents light leaks---you can then use discarded metal casettes from
hospitals (ones that leak light).   They also make a pen that is non
radioactive and can be used to mark autorads/films.  

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