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>Hello everyone,
>What is the situation regarding autoradiograph cassettes.  I have only
>used the (very) expensive light sealed cassettes such as that from Fuji
>but I believe that there are alternatives were you might buy the
>intensifier screens and a carboard "sleeve" which is light sealed.
>These can then be exposed at -80C.
>Is this procedure used regularly by some groups and if so any
>suggestions about suppliers and or sources of screens and "sleeves"
>would be helpful.
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Kodak make cardboard cassettes - you can order them from Sigma.  They are
OUTRAGEOUSLY priced (-: some $10 - $20 each depending on size :-).  I've
used them for years - use glass/wood and bulldog clips to clamp the cassette
closed with good sample-film pressure.
  Cassettes will last for years under frequent -80C use and they NEVER leak
light (unlike ageing metal cassettes).  The outsides can get a bit soggy
on thawing out, and they last better if you let them dry properly.
Overall, highly recommended.
   Cheaper still are plastic sleeves with Velcro closures.  In my
experience, these can crack at -80C.

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