Sequoia-Turner Model 450 fluorimeter (should I buy one?)

Richard Josephson richard at
Mon Jun 7 19:59:00 EST 1993

amounts of small DNA fragments for a small price. I would like to buy
a filter fluorimeter, such as the Sequoia-Turner Model 450. Unfortu-
nately, the company won't return my calls, so I am appealing to your
        Can I use this thing on Hoecsht- or DAPI-stained DNA? They only
advertise a filter set for a DABA stain; what is that? More importantly,
how sensitive and how accurate is this machine?
        I was all set to buy a Hoefer mini-fluorimeter when I learned
that many bionetters hate the thing. Please, if any of you have the
Model 450, let me know what you think. Kindly respond by e-mail.
        Thank you!
        Richard Josephson
        richard at

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