Bovine corneal endothelial cells

sticknbd sticknbd at
Tue Jun 8 17:08:15 EST 1993

> Now my real reason for writing.  I have read the Methods in Enzymology
> protein kinase volume that Tony and Bart edited (You may recall I am a Salk
> alumnus) and rely on the table of protein kinase homology sequences that
> has Steve Hanks and Anne Marie Quinn's name on it.  There are instructions
> for downloading the updated version via FTP, but I have neither
> Intellegenetic$ or UWGCG.  Are there alternative formats available now?  Or
> is there someone there who might be able to forward a paper copy?  If you
> can supply a name I can contact the person directly.

This isn't exactly what you asked for, but Steve Hanks works in the same
with me.  I only know who he is, but I could ask if he could send the
updated version to you.
It's just a walk downstairs for me.  Let me know...
sticknbd at

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